2023 - 24 

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International Fest/Contest 2023 - Singapore

Many activities were taken like Dance , karate , Art and Craft, Cricket, Games , cooking without fire ,
Summer drinks , and many more Activities .
The Grand Occasion of 75 th Independence Day AmritMahotsav Celebration Buds International School Collaberated Alongwith The Mighty SRPF Team For Weapon Display And Award Winning SRPF PipeBand Demonstration to Inculcate and Increase the Patriotic Feeling Of The New Generation Really Greatful And Thankful SRPF Team For this Initiative JAI HIND In Awe of this Mesmerising Event

Janamasthmi Celebration

Youth Games Council Pune

1st District Level Karate Championships 2022 at Sant Tukaram Nagar P.C.M.C.Pune . In that our students participate and achive Medals and Our students selected For next Level State championship at AURANGABAD👍

Happy Teacher's Day

Hindi Diwas

Purple Day