Buds International School

The  Curriculum from Nursery to Class IX is designed to enable Students to prepare for either of the examinations from class X onwards

The prime consideration of the school is to maintain positive learning enviroment in which pupils can learn,develop and progress.Learning is encourage by providing a board and  balanced curriculum.This enables Children to develop their potential to the maximum.English is the medium of instruction.All efforts are made to ensure that every child converses in english in the campus.

The thematic approach is followed in Pre-Primary and Junior sections.Evaluation  is a continuous process.Grades are awarded and reports are send to parents onces a term ends.

Bud’s is a inclusive school .Regular feild trips and expeditions help children to develop a sense of what is real and inspires discovery.

We have a responsive and exciting  CBSE  curriculum that caters for all learning needs and promote the use of inquiry learning and inspire growth in the mind set.

Std 10th 2023 - 24 Batch

Std 10th 2023 - 24

Std 12th Science 2023 - 24 Batch

Std 12th Science 2023 - 24

Std 12th Commerce 2023 - 24

Std 12th Science 2023 - 24

10th 2022-23 Batch


12th 2022-23 Batch

10th 2021-2022 Batch


Our First Batch of Std X was in the Year 2018-19 and was Secured 100% Result

Name: Miss Riyakumari Singh
Percentage : 95%

100% result of Std 10th 2019-20 Batch

Name: Harshad Nitin Patil Percentage : 90%